Cremation Deals

Direct Cremation purchased online in the metropolitan areas of Texas cost less than $1000.

Direct cremation purchased at a retail funeral business in this market area will typically cost around $3000. A recent direct cremation price check at Sparkman-Hillcrest Funeral Home in Dallas was for about $6200. It's the same services rendered as online pricing; as required by the Texas Funeral Service Commission definition of a Direct Cremation.

Find and Make Your Deal

Search the internet for "online direct cremation in north texas"

    • Pick one that looks good to you, and make sure you can find them on a street level map search ... and that they list their professional license number issued by the State of Texas. ( It will look something like this : " TX – TFSC #4237" )

Local DFW cremation retailers reported as favorable by consumers:

  1. Lone Star Cremation (Fort Worth area)

  2. Jim's Funeral Home ( Mid-cities area)

  3. Acremation (Dallas area)

  4. Thompson and Son Cremation and Funeral Service (Fort Worth area)

  5. Complete Care Cremation (Dallas area)

$$$ vs $$$$ NOTE :

Cremation in the DFW area is mostly a wholesale business.

  1. There are approximately 20 crematories in the DFW area, with well over 200 funeral homes using those approximately 20 crematories.

  2. So cremation process locations are limited on the "back side" ; pricing is the big difference in what you get for your money. All crematories are inspected and must follow state guidelines regardless of retail pricing.