Retail Funeral Help

State and Federal law requires

all funeral homes to give pricing over the phone.

  1. Decide if you are wanting a burial or cremation.

  2. Call licensed retail funeral establishments (see link below) and ask for "Direct Cremation" or "Immediate Burial" pricing. Use that for comparison shopping as a simple benchmark. You may choose something different, but these two benchmarks generally reflect the scale of their other pricing.

    • ( The terms "Immediate Burial" and "Direct Cremation" are standardized terms defined by the Federal Trade Commission to assist consumer price comparison shopping.)

  3. Then ask for pricing of other things they sell that you may want.

  4. Use this standard funeral invoice (see link below) to make an estimate.

  5. Compare pricing and perceived value in what they sell to narrow your choices.

All Licensed Retail Funeral Establishments in Texas

If the file won't load on your screen, download it to your computer, phone or tablet

A rare find ! A General Price List (GPL) published online by a funeral retailer.

  • This GPL is a good way to teach yourself the lingo of funeral retailing, and how well the retailer follows (or not) federal and state law concerning GPLs.

Texas Funeral Service Commission

State regulatory agency over the retail deathcare business. ( online consumer brochure )

Texas Department of Banking

State regulatory agency over Prepaid Funeral Contracts ( online consumer brochure )